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Cancer Cure!

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Et Cetera

I saw this news on Astro last night during my meeting with one of my Public Mutual client at his house. It was a shocking news!

This morning when I just woke up from bed, I had a chat and update my housemate about what had happen yesterday. I was very lucky yesterday which I will share with you in my next article, but not a good news for Azahari.

His friend was diagnosed with stage 4 of “Sinus Cancer” at the age of 24. He’s very sad and I can see the frustration from his face. He had told me before that this guy will probably be his best-man on his wedding day.

I told him about the news that I just watched last night, I Google it and sent the link to his email immediately. I have no other attention except to help other people by spreading the little article that may give a big impact.


October 24, 2011 22:38 PM

HITV Therapy: Cancer Cure Is Now In Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 24 (Bernama) — There is a new hope for cancer patients in Malaysia.

A vaccine widely known for treating late-stage cancer — almost all types of cancer, except leukemia — is now available in the country.

The Human Initiated Therapeutic Vaccine (HITV), which was only available in Japan previously, is able to completely destroy microscopic and tiny nests of cancer cells, thus preventing any future recurrences.

Discovered in 2005 by Dr Kenichiro Hasumi, a Japanese physician and researcher, HITV is an autologus (patient derived) active cell-based immunotherapy for metastatic or late-stage cancer patients.

It is based on immunology that harnesses human immune system’s innate and adaptive ability to combat diseases.

Dr Hasumi, founder and chairman of Hasumi International Research Foundation in the United States, has dedicated more than 40 years of his life to find a cure to cancer.

Speaking at a media conference Monday, Dr Hasumi said the therapy was highly effective for patients suffering from late-stage cancer, when used in combination with radiotherapy.

“The use of tomotherapy (a type of radiation therapy) is important in this protocol. It can target the tumors precisely in one sweep, while reducing the radiation exposure to the surrounding tissues,” he said.

The treatment includes harvesting immune cells from the patient, culturing them in the laboratory to become immature dentritic cells, and then re-introducing them into the patient’s body, through injection into the tumor.

HITV course takes about three weeks, with 10 days of actual treatment. Patients will have to be examined with PET-CT scan after the treatment periodically, to monitor the tumors for regression.

While the treatment was only available in Japan, nine Malaysians suffering late stage of various types of cancer have decided to give it a try. Five of them have shown complete response.

They include Goh Sai Wah, 58, a non-smoker who was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer with extensive spread to the spine and bone in May, last year.

She underwent the HITV therapy in Japan on Oct 30, last year and in her follow-up check, six weeks later, almost all cancer cells had disappeared.

Now, 365 days later, and counting, she is very much alive and well.

Dr Hasumi said, since late stage cancer was a very difficult stage to cure, he hoped that in future, there would be innovations to cure cancer in the early stages.

HITV therapy costs about RM200,000, if patients decide to have it in Japan. In Malaysia, it will cost about RM150,000.

The therapy is now available at the Mahameru International Medical Centre but medical practitioners are trying their very best to introduce HITV to all hospitals in the Klang Valley, in an effort to give late-stage cancer patients a new hope in life.




The HARDtalk.

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Et Cetera

I am very new in blogging world I might say. Yet, I found it very interesting to express what I think and what I feel freely. I know that I am not good in writing, especially in English. A lot of grammatical errors, lenggok ayat yang tak sesuai and sebagainya. But I didn’t stop there, I keep on writing and I keep on learning so I can continuously improve my English. I don’t have to be shy because I want people to correct me when I made mistakes. Practice makes perfect right?

Actually I wanna write about something else but I was called to write this article after I watched HARDtalk. Everyone is posting about  it in Facebook which it is tengah “in” sekarang. I am free from politics which I consider myself as an observer. It took me 9 years of observation either I want to register as a voter or nay. Even as per now while I am typing this article, I still haven’t register yet and I am STRONGLY believe that not only me but most of the youth are in the same situations, the same dilemma and the same conflicts as what I am facing at this moment. Am I right?

Most of my years of observation were just by LISTENING to other people’s preaching about this and that, about that fella and those fellas but NONE about their own faults and corruptions. Both sides are doing the same, people who are supporting them are doing the same. All these elements are impacting me, myself and most of the youth out there since ages! I am talking about people who are at my age, people who are younger than me and people who are younger than the people who are younger than me. Confused and hard to understand isn’t it? I am talking about the next younger generation to another generations. The “C” generation. The Confused Generation.

Sometimes I feel I am one of the lucky person. God has given me most of the things, knowledge and experience that I wish for. At least now at the age of 30, I found my stand, I know what I should do, which to choose, how to overcome and handle many things. In 9 years of findings, I do not only observes by LISTENING to other people’s discourse ONLY but I have been given a chance to feel, to experience, to mingle and see it with my own eyes.

I was a personal assistant for one of the VIP once. He is natural, relevant, realistic person and he do not have any interests in politic at all. In 2003 until 2006, I have been working and collaborating with some of the members of parliament, senators, ministers, MBs and even Tun Mahathir himself. I do not say that semua buah itu baik dan boleh dimakan dalam satu bakul, but what I wanna share is; the UGLY TRUTH. THE GENTLEMEN that I know them personally are willing to die for their country I would say. I know A PERSON who read 8 of Al Quran’s translation books and can show you how to implement each and every verse in your life routine. Sedap or tak sedap didengar, like it or not, there are many of our country leaders are very enthusiastic in building and directing Malaysia to be the most successful country in the world so Malaysians can stand up proudly and say “You’re F**ked” in a good way. I am saying this because I personally saw it with my own eyes, I personally experienced it myself not just by LISTENING without tengok dengan mata kepala sendiri. Sebab itu saya berani cakap dan share.

During the convention of AMAN Malaysia for Palestine in 2004, held at PWTC, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir personally invited me and some of my colleagues to join the convention with other delegation from all around the world. The convention started at 7:00am and ended at 9:00am. Tun Mahathir came at 6:00am and he was the ONLY representative speaker for all muslim countries. He conveyed a very strong messages to Israel and the allies for 2 hours non-stop speech without a single note to refer because everything were in his head. During that time, I wondered, mana pergi orang-orang Islam lain yang berani bercakap dibelakang kononnya merekalah yang itu dan merekalah yang ini? And during that time also, none of other Islamic country leaders courageous enough to speak on behalf of the Palestinians who were been murdered by Israelis without limitation.

After having a breakfast at 9:15 am, I went to meet Tun Mahathir in front of the VVIP room. We had a chat and dia sempat pesan “Hangpa buat kerja elok-elok na?” before the other delegations came to shake his hand. Even though I am not close to him enough to judge and to share who is Tun Mahathir himself, I am brave and confident enough to say he is one of THE GENTLEMEN that I have mentioned before and he is that PERSON.

Saya sendiri pernah dengar banyak kali dengan telinga saya sendiri ada individu-individu yang mengatakan Tun Mahathir senangkan kroni-kroni dia, Tun Mahathir senangkan keluarga dia dan sebagainya. Saya tak tahu sama ada benar atau tidak, sahih atau tidak statement di kedai kopi itu tapi saya nak tanya sesuatu, jikalau anda ditakdirkan menjadi seseorang yang berpengaruh, yang berkuasa, anda tak senangkan keluarga anda ke? Anda tak senangkan kroni-kroni anda ke? Apakah perbezaan ANDA dan TUN as per claimed? MACAM sama je. Saya bilang MACAM je. Mungkin anda tak MACAM tu, kan? Tapi kalau betul lah ape yang dikatakan oleh individu-individu tersebut tentang Tun Mahathir, saya dah lama maafkan dan saya dah lama halalkan semuanya termasuklah juga kepada individu-individu yang mengatakan beliau mampu buat yang terbaik dan lebih baik daripada apa yang Tun Mahathir dah buat. Tapi tunjuk dulu lah kemampuan anda. Buktikan dan kotakan apa yang anda telah janjikan pada “kawasan-kawasan” anda, baru adil. Jangan jadi macam N.A.T.O; No Action Talk Only.

Bukan sedikit orang yang tidak sukakan Tun Mahathir, lebih-lebih lagi kuasa-kuasa besar asing. Tapi kita perlu ingat bahawa lebih ramai lagi orang yang sayangkan dia, nampak siapa dia dan sumbangan-sumbangan dia kepada kita, kepada negara kita, kepada negara-negara luar yang tertindas contohnya Palestin dan yang paling penting kepada anak cucu kita. Saya cuma nak berkongsi, ingat-mengingati dan pesan-memesan bahawa orang tua yang ramai orang tak suka ni lah yang mastermind dalam kebanyakkan hal-hal yang memajukan Malaysia, orang tua ni jugalah yang memartabatkan Malaysia di mata dunia, orang tua ni lah yang berani dan lantang bersuara dalam mempertahankan muslimin dan muslimah yang sedang ditindas di luar sana. Kita? Apa sumbangan kita? Mampu? Non mampu?


The conclusions and the lessons from this article are:

  • We cannot purely trust other people words or says without checking the “truth”; the best is by experience it yourself
  • Don’t you ever allow negative thought fixed in your head
  • Open your mind, your eyes and your heart so you may have a great wisdom, great vision and hopefully you’ll be a great person inside and outside
  • We must always UNITE and stand as ONE in every aspects
  • We MUST identify where is our direction and how to implement it in the modern civilization
  • Do not block yourself to say “I am sorry”
  • Do not simply judge a book by its cover
  • Always look into “the mirror” before we point out other people mistakes
Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see life with a clearer view again. Yes, to the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world. Let us stop quarreling and fighting among ourselves. Malays, Chinese, Indians and many other races are the same. Try to understand each other because we all made mistakes and we are not perfect by ourselves. But remember my friends, together we can be a perfect “body”, together we can be a perfect team and together we can be a perfect nation because we complement each other…

Tanjat Boboi.

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Itu Andy

Sunday 2nd October 2011 was a superb day. My fiancé, Diane, Amoi, Shah, Mambang, Sote, Dayang, Dave, Ijan, Myra, Little Scha, Farah Syahieda, Shazilie, Little Adam, Lin, Zul, Amirul & Farah did a surprise birthday party for me. I am very particular and very careful with what I wanna do in many ways. Therefore, it is quite hard to surprise, prank or to trick me. This time I kena already.

I just had my shower that day and I heard someone knocking at my door grill. I thought it was the technician who wants to install new water meter. I’m pissed off because for me it is not appropriate for someone knocking on other people door grill whilst you are living in the apartment. Ketuk kuat-kuat pulak tu!

I opened the door and I saw all the familiar faces which none of them are working for the apartment’s management. They were all my colleagues when I was working with the previous company. With towel around my waist, I shut the door back and went to my room “thinkless”. Actually the reaction was impulsive because I do not know what to do, I was shocked.

Somehow they managed to enter my house with all the foods, balloons and the birthday cake. While they were setting up for the party, I went to the third room ironing my shirt. Ironing shirt?? I don’t know what the hell I was thinking that time but ironing shirt is not the best way to overcome the “shockness” when you were “thinkless”. Trust me, I’ve been there.

The party went great, the food were superb (credit to Amoi for the delicious sandwiches, Dave for the finger lickin’ good chickens and Myra for the tasty macaroni pie and fettucine carbonara). I had a great time and the best memory ever…

To An Nabilah, Diane, Amoi, Shah, Mambang, Sote, Dayang, Dave, Ijan, Myra, Little Scha, Farah Syahieda, Shazilie, Little Adam, Fazanina Azlin, Zul, Amirul & Farah, I would like to express my highest gratitude and a gazillion thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done. My sincere apologies for my spontaneous reaction by shutting the door back because I don’t know how to react hehehehehe.