Get Well Soon My Friend.

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Et Cetera

I received a shocking news today! One of my friends, Muhd Zulhazman or Rexo is in critical condition due to the blood infection and now it is spreading to his bile and liver. Me and my fiance just met him and his wife at Burger King Alamanda last week. We had a chat and he seems to look healthy and fine. But today, he is in critical condition and admitted in Temerloh Hospital.

Rexo is one of the trainers in VADS Berhad for TMIS project and a good friend. Knowing him personally, encourage me to write this article about him. He is a very good person, friendly, respect other people, always helping others whenever you need him and he have a very good manners to everyone. Somehow, his characters inspire others by sharing all his knowledge in his career as a trainer and a friend.

My only intention is to help and support him to overcome his difficulties. Therefore I would like to call upon others who is reading this article to give our support to Rexo by praying to God for his health and give him moral or physical support to overcome his health conditions. For those who want to contribute or want to donate, you are most welcome to do so. You may wire your contribution to Rexo’s wife account below:

Name : Nur Atikah Binti Abd Hamid
Account No.  : CIMB – 12490096766528

Let us share the difficulties with his family and let them know that Rexo have a lot of friends who love and care about him. My prayers and thoughts will always be with you. Get well soon brother!

P/S: Thank you to Iswandi Dorani and Basri Yusuf for sharing the info.


  1. sori kalo bertanya,camne en rexo boleh kena blood infection ni?any info?

  2. Andy Dhani says:

    I dont know the full details how he was infected but I heard that he is not well since few months. Last week jumpe die dgn wife die, hari ni x sangka dgr berita die kat ICU. Nak tanye wife die, mase x sesuai because mesti ramai yg bertanye & die mesti tgh sedih. So kite tanye later bile the time is right. Let’s pray for the very best for him…

  3. mehrulnisha says:

    Boss, i was shocked when i rcvd msg from my x-batch about this. we all, batch 165c was trained under En.Rexo previously. No doubt he was the one who inspired us a lot.
    Hope to hear good news soon, Insyaallah he will be fine.. Amin.

  4. shidane says:

    hopefully he will get well n better soon..he is a very good guy..x penh lokek tuk share info n exp dlm kje kt contct centre..penh jd my floor support dlu..mse b4 jd trainer myb..amin..

  5. Thanx muchas Mr. Andy Dhani… Insya’Allah Zulhazman will recover soon. Prayers are with him… Lets hope for the best!

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