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The Truck Driver.

Posted: March 17, 2013 in Et Cetera

One truck driver was doing his usual load delivery at a mental hospital, by parking his vehicle beside an open drain. He discovered a flat tyre when he was about to return from the mental hospital. He jacked up the
truck and removed the flat tyre to fix the spare tyre.

When he was about to fix the spare Tyre, he accidentally dropped all the 4 bolts in the open drain. As he cannot fish the bolts in the open drain, he started to panic as to what should be done?

Just then, one patient happened to walk past him and asked the driver as to why he was looking troubled. The driver thought to himself, since there is nothing much he can do or this mental joker can. Just to keep the bugging away, the truck driver informed the whole episode to the mental patient and gave a helpless look.

The patient just laughed at the truck driver and said you just cannot even fix such a simple problem? “No wonder you are destined to remain a truck driver for life”.

The truck driver was astonished to hear such a compliment from a mental guy. “Here is what you can do” said the mental guy… “Take one bolt from each of the remaining 3 tyres / wheels and fix it on to this tyre. Then drive down to the nearest workshop and replace the missing ones. Isn’t it simple my friend”.

The truck driver was so impressed with this quick fix answer and asked the patient “How come you are so smart and intelligent and you are here at the mental hospital?” The patient replied “Hello friend! I stay here because I am crazy but not stupid”.

No wonder, there are some people, who behave like the Truck Driver, thinking that others are just stupid. So, guys, though you all are learned and wise, but, just watch out, there could be some guys in our professional / personal lives, who could give us lot of quick fixes and brush our wisdom.

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Put The Glass Down.

Posted: February 22, 2013 in Et Cetera

The Professor began his class by holding up a glass with some water in it. He held it up for all to see & asked the students “How much do you think this glass weighs?”

“50gms!”… “100gms!”… “125 gms”… the students answered. “I really don’t know unless I weight it,” said the professor.

“But my question is, what would happen if I held it up like this for a few minutes?”

“Nothing” the students said. “Ok what would happen if I held it up like this for an hour?” the professor asked. “Your arm would begin to ache” said one of the student.

“You’re right, now what would happen if I held it for a day?”. “Your arm could go numb; you might have severe muscle stress & paralysis & have to go to hospital for sure!”. Ventured another student & all the students laughed.

“Very good. But during all this, did the weight of the glass change?” asked the professor. “No” was the answer. “Then what caused the arm ache & the muscle stress?”. The students were puzzled. “What should I do now to come out of pain?” asked professor again. “Put the glass down!” said one of the students.

“Exactly!” said the professor. Life’s problems are something like this.. Hold it for a few minutes in your head & they seem OK. Think of them for a long time & they begin to ache. Hold it even longer & they begin to paralyze you. You will not be able to do anything.

It’s important to think of the challenges or problems in your life, But EVEN MORE IMPORTANT is to “PUT THEM DOWN” at the end of every day before you go to sleep. That way, you are not stressed, you wake up every day fresh &strong & can handle any issue, any challenge that comes your way!

Moral of the story:

So, when you start your day today, Remember friend to “PUT THE GLASS DOWN TODAY!”.

***Source from the world wide web.


Precious Moment.

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Et Cetera

A man came home from work late, tired and irritated, to find his 5-year old son waiting for him at the door.

SON: “Daddy, may I ask you a question?”

DAD: “Yeah sure, what it is?” replied the man.

SON: “Daddy, how much do you make an hour?”

DAD: “That’s none of your business. Why do you ask such a thing?” the man said angrily.

SON: “I just want to know. Please tell me, how much do you make an hour?”

DAD: “If you must know, I make $50 an hour”.

SON: “Oh” the little boy replied, with his head down.

SON: “Daddy, may I please borrow $25?”

The father was furious, “If the only reason you asked that is so you can borrow some money to buy a silly toy or some other nonsense, then you march yourself straight to your room and go to bed. Think about why you are being so selfish. I don’t work hard everyday for such childish frivolities”.

The little boy quietly went to his room and shut the door.

The man sat down and started to get even angrier about the little boy’s questions. How dare he ask such questions only to get some money?

After about an hour or so, the man had calmed down, and started to think:

Maybe there was something he really needed to buy with that $25.00 and he really didn’t ask for money very often The man went to the door of the little boy’s room and opened the door.

“Are you asleep, son?” He asked.

“No daddy, I’m awake,” replied the boy.

“I’ve been thinking, maybe I was too hard on you earlier” said the man. “It’s been a long day and I took out my aggravation on you. Here’s the $25 you asked for”.

The little boy sat straight up, smiling. “Oh, thank you daddy!” he yelled. Then, reaching under his pillow he pulled out some crumpled up bills.

The man saw that the boy already had money, started to get angry again.

The little boy slowly counted out his money, and then looked up at his father.

“Why do you want more money if you already have some?” the father grumbled.

“Because I didn’t have enough, but now I do” the little boy replied.

“Daddy, I have $50 now. Can I buy an hour of your time? Please come home early tomorrow. I would like to have dinner with you”.

The father was crushed. He put his arms around his little son, and he begged for his forgiveness.

***Source from the world wide web.

Why Wait?

Posted: February 15, 2013 in Et Cetera

After 21 years of marriage, my wife wanted me to take another woman out to dinner and a movie. She said, “I love you, but I know this other woman loves you and would love to spend some time with you.”

The other woman that my wife wanted me to visit was my MOTHER, who has been a widow for 19 years, but the demands of my work and my three children had made it possible to visit her only occasionally. That night I called to invite her to go out for dinner and a movie. “What’s wrong, are you well?” she asked.

My mother is the type of woman who suspects that a late night call or a surprise invitation is a sign of bad news. “I thought that it would be pleasant to spend some time with you,” I responded. “Just the two of us.” She thought about it for a moment, and then said, “I would like that very much.”

That Friday after work, as I drove over to pick her up I was a bit nervous. When I arrived at her house, I noticed that she, too, seemed to be nervous about our date. She waited in the door with her coat on. She had curled her hair and was wearing the dress that she had worn to celebrate her last wedding anniversary. She smiled from a face that was as radiant as an angel’s. “I told my friends that I was going to go out with my son, and they were impressed, “she said, as she got into the car. “They can’t wait to hear about our meeting.”

We went to a restaurant that, although not elegant, was very nice and cozy. My mother took my arm as if she were the First Lady. After we sat down, I had to read the menu. Her eyes could only read large print. Half way through the entries, I lifted my eyes and saw Mom sitting there staring at me. A nostalgic smile was on her lips. “It was I who used to have to read the menu when you were small,” she said. “Then it’s time that you relax and let me return the favor,” I responded. During the dinner, we had an agreeable conversation – nothing extraordinary but catching up on recent events of each other’s life. We talked so much that we missed the movie. As we arrived at her house later, she said, “I’ll go out with you again, but only if you let me invite you.” I agreed.

“How was your dinner date?” asked my wife when I got home. “Very nice. Much more so than I could have imagined,” I answered.

A few days later, my mother died of a massive heart attack. It happened so suddenly that I didn’t have a chance to do anything for her. Some time later, I received an envelope with a copy of a restaurant receipt from the same place mother and I had dined. An attached note said: “I paid this bill in advance. I wasn’t sure that I could be there; but nevertheless, I paid for two plates – one for you and the other for your wife. You will never know what that night meant for me. I love you, son.”

At that moment, I understood the importance of saying in time: “I LOVE YOU” and to give our loved ones the time that they deserve. Nothing in life is more important than your family. Give them the time they deserve, because these things cannot be put off till “some other time.”

*** By the inspirational and motivational story.

A Drowning Man.

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Et Cetera

While out to sea, a large boat became shipwrecked and there was only a single survivor. This man prayed and asked God to save his life. Soon thereafter, another boat came by and offered the man some help.

“No thanks,” he said. “I’m waiting for God to save me.”

The men on the boat shrugged their shoulders and continued. As the man became more deeply concerned, another boat came by. Again, the people aboard offered this man some help, and again he politely decline. “I’m waiting for God to save me,” he said again.

After some time, the man began to lose his faith, and soon after that he died. Upon reaching Heaven, he had a chance to speak with God briefly.

“Why did you let me die? Why didn’t you answer my prayers?”

“Dummy, I sent you two boats!”

Moral values:

  • An action will lead you to something, no action will lead to nothing!
  • Remember to help each other.
  • Don’t be an arrogant person.
  • Remember there is always hope.
  • 13:11

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Get Well Soon My Friend.

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Et Cetera

I received a shocking news today! One of my friends, Muhd Zulhazman or Rexo is in critical condition due to the blood infection and now it is spreading to his bile and liver. Me and my fiance just met him and his wife at Burger King Alamanda last week. We had a chat and he seems to look healthy and fine. But today, he is in critical condition and admitted in Temerloh Hospital.

Rexo is one of the trainers in VADS Berhad for TMIS project and a good friend. Knowing him personally, encourage me to write this article about him. He is a very good person, friendly, respect other people, always helping others whenever you need him and he have a very good manners to everyone. Somehow, his characters inspire others by sharing all his knowledge in his career as a trainer and a friend.

My only intention is to help and support him to overcome his difficulties. Therefore I would like to call upon others who is reading this article to give our support to Rexo by praying to God for his health and give him moral or physical support to overcome his health conditions. For those who want to contribute or want to donate, you are most welcome to do so. You may wire your contribution to Rexo’s wife account below:

Name : Nur Atikah Binti Abd Hamid
Account No.  : CIMB – 12490096766528

Let us share the difficulties with his family and let them know that Rexo have a lot of friends who love and care about him. My prayers and thoughts will always be with you. Get well soon brother!

P/S: Thank you to Iswandi Dorani and Basri Yusuf for sharing the info.


Melayu Malas.

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Et Cetera

Anything that I wrote is based on my experience and opinion. Nothing against anyone, any races or et cetera. As a human being, a person needs to be reminded many times until it sticks in the brain. Same goes to me, same goes to you and same goes to everybody. A person with shallow, narrow, immature minded will always think negatively thus it will drain out positive people out of their life. Choose your attitude before you continue reading…

I was born as Malay, raised in Malay cultures, live in Malay society, speak in Malay language, learnt Malay sensitivities and inherit Malay traditions but I cannot say that I am purely hundred percent Malay. My grandma from my father’s side is Chinese, my grandpa from my mother’s side is full of mixtures, originatively, my great-great grandpa was from Arab, moved and married a Pinoy, moved and married an Indonesian, moved again and married a Malay. Kudos grandpas, you’ve made a great history for me to write!

I cannot tell much about my father’s side because they inherit unsocial type of attitudes especially my grandma. She never told me about her biological parents. Maybe because she cannot remember who they are. For your better understanding, my grandma whom I called “nenek” was adopted by a Malay family since she was born. Reason because during that time, the Japanese were killing all the Chinese during their invasion of Tanah Melayu. But a curiosity snapped into my head once. I asked nenek why she have Chinese features? Suddenly her face turned red and the face masam already. My auntie which I called “Uda” scolded me and told me never to say or asked that type of question or issue again. A seven years old child is naïve and will ask anything that come across his mind right? Blocking a child’s mind by scolding is a very unhealthy way to teach them. Choose a positive way to teach or prevent them from asking anything that you feel uncomfortable during that time. Always remember that.

As for my mother’s side, they origin is a one loooooooooooooooooooooooong story to tell. I chose to skip about that at this moment and I will share it some other time perhaps. My mom’s family is a total different attitude from my dad’s side. They are more socialize and friendly type of people. My late grandpa whom I called “atuk” was a village chief. Atuk brought himself acceptable to any person that he met. He knows how to talk, he knows how to mingle, he knows how to tackle things and basically he knows most of the things that can capture person’s heart. Al-Fatihah to the late YM Raja Abdullah Bin YM Raja Hitam.

As I grew up with two different atmospheres, I learnt something most valuable in life. I watched, I discovered, I changed, I moved, I planned and I keep on going to attain my dream. And as I am walking to the future, I heard someone said “Melayu Malas”. Whoooooo, bikin panas I said to myself. I stopped, took one step back, listened, think and I acted.

I stopped because the statement was very interesting, I took one step back because I want to see clearly without doubt who is talking, I listened because I don’t want uncertainty with lack of information flooded in my mind, I’ve done the thinking because I am digesting 5 Ws and 1 H so that I know what are the root causes and lastly, I acted because if it is true, I don’t want to be one of them and if it is not, I will prove them wrong.

Anyhow, the statement is seems to be a right statement isn’t it? I have the laziness syndrome in me and I bet it also have inside all of you. The issue is how we manage our laziness inside us. I will do some comparisons not to show who is good and who is not, but to open up a possibility for us to improve ourselves. From my experiences, I met a lot of people who lost their hope not to others but to themselves. The first person that I met is me, myself. I lost hope for myself few times, I gave up and doing nothing for several times, I stop and lost faith for myself once. Those days are behind me. I’ve changed, I moved and I took action.

I am lucky because I have so many multiracial friends in Malaysia. I have worked with few ministers, politicians, chief ministers, doctors, lawyers and many more that I cannot put it all here. I have mingled with many people from the highest ranking person in our country to the homeless people who lives on the street. Maybe due to that, my eyes are wide open and my mind stored a lot of information for me to share. There were few occasions that a Malay guy age around 40s always telling other people who were talking with him by saying “Ala yang kaya dan yang berniaga semua Cina. Kita tak ada apa”. Until one day I had enough and I interrupted the conversation by saying “Betul jugak tu pakcik. Tapi kalau dah Melayu sendiri tak nak berniaga dan kalau berniaga pun dengki sesame sendiri susah jugak. Kebanyakkan orang-orang kita ni pandai cakap je kan pakcik? Kerja buat pon sambil lewa. Pelik kan pakcik?” The man mumbled and another person laughing for a reason that I don’t know.

In reality, did you ever counter the same situation as mine? Did it happen few times in your life? Let us go back and see why the uncle said such avowal to other people. From my opinions, maybe we, Malays are now feel so secured for what we have; the comfort zone. How many of us who are struggling very hard to improve or to change for a better life? How many? Do not look at other people. Look at YOU, YOURSELF instead. If you are working in a big, a medium or a small company, what did you have achieved all these years? Did you really put all your efforts in your daily tasks? Or you just accomplish what you should do because at the end of the month you will earn your salary anyway? If you own a business in example, a company, did you manage the resources well? Did all your plans work? How did you accommodate your subordinates or your employees? Are they satisfied with your management? What are your contributions towards your surroundings? These are the examples of most of us forget to accomplish. These are the factor questions that somehow help a person or an organization success. I’m not saying that we did not do it but it is not completed yet.

There are no differences between Malay, Chinese, Indians and other races, we are still human and we breathe the same air. The only thing that makes us different from another is what we have done. Meaning, if you are willing to sacrifice your bedtime, sacrifice your ego, sacrifice your “shame” and put all your best effort in whatever you do, no matter what race you were born, YOU WILL BE A SUCCESSFUL PERSON! We might have very good plans but most of us failed to execute the plans and gave up easily.

I love my race, I love my religion, I love my family, I love my friends and most of all I love my country very much. If we do not have a PEACEFUL country, do not dreams to love your friends, do not dreams to love your family, do not dream to love your religion and do not ever dream about to love your own race. Can you see that we are all related and we complement each other? The “Peaceful Chains” in Malaysia is the good relationship between each and every race in the country. Malay, Chinese, Indians, Iban, Kadazan, Orang Asli and many more are the key of the “Peaceful Chains” in our beloved country.

If after reading this article and you still hear the same phrase as the uncle said “Ala yang kaya dan yang berniaga semua Cina. Kita tak ada apa”, meaning the other races are executing their plans well, they are not easily give up, they are working hard to achieve their target and they are managing their laziness superbly. Thus, it’s a good challenge for the Malays to wake up or to come out from our comfort zone and run towards the others so that some day we will hear other people from a different country say “Wow! The Malaysians are all successful people and the best part is they live happily in a multi-racial country!”

The conclusions and the lessons from this article are:

  • We have to encounter pro and cons in our life so we can learn from it.
  • Start to appreciate one and another.
  • No matter what race we are born, remember that we are no different from others and we complement each other.
  • Put all the effort in whatever you do.
  • Do not give up easily.
  • Learn to share and help each other.
  • Stop arguing and pointing mistakes to other people.
  • Honor the “Peaceful Chains”.