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A Birthday in Saigon.

Posted: December 26, 2012 in Tentang Dia

My plan, I supposed to post this and few other articles last month. But I was super duper busy. Like very super busy! Anyway, I managed to squeeze some time tonight so here it goes 🙂 .

My fiance’s birthday was on the 21st November 2012. A month before, I have planned to do something that she won’t expect at all. It happened to be a vacation to Vietnam with the royal family of YTM Undang Luak Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan on the 23rd November 2012. So I planned it with Datin Walis and Dato Faizal.

On Sunday 25th November 2012, Dato Faizal and Datin Walis distracted An Nabilah by bringing her to few boutiques and shops in Saigon. During that time, I bought the cake and passed it to our tour guide, Jason.

The Cake Above

The Cake SideThe cake

The plan was smoothly flows as An Nabilah were not expecting something will happen after the dinner at D’ Nyonya Saigon that night. Then the cake appeared and the rest was history, the best!


IMG_7500 IMG_7498 IMG_7502The surprise

IMG_7510D’ Nyonya Saigon’s manager and owner

IMG_7505The family members

A million thank you to Yang Teramat Mulia Dato Mendika Menteri Akhirul Zaman Dato Musa Bin Wahab, Dato Faizal, Datin Walis, Pak Teh, Mak Teh, Kuyeen, Naqi, Pa8, Kudus, Nasz, Mak Wan, Jason and Ester for making it happened.

Thank you to Shahrir a.k.a Sote because assisting me to get the present since October 2012! Thank you very much bro.

To An Nabilah, my life was a plain canvas. I painted it and I am painting it still. Thank you for being the most beautiful color of my life. Happy 26th Birthday princess!

To the rest, enjoy the video!